Open your Wesleyan With Profits ISA

You can set up your With Profits ISA quickly and easily online, in just a few simple steps.

What you will need

To open your ISA, you’ll need the following things to hand:
national insurance number iconNational Insurance number
credit card iconDebit card details if you're opening your ISA with a lump-sum payment (minimum £1,000)
bank iconBank details if you'd like to set up monthly payments (minimum £100 per month)

Before you begin…

This is a stocks and shares ISA that does not offer guarantees. When you open your ISA online, you won’t receive any investment advice or personal recommendation from us. You must therefore read the important information and key documents below before applying, to ensure the investment is right for you.

The important information provides key details, such as your rights and obligations, the charges that apply, and the recommended minimum savings period of five years.

The Annual Management Charges on this ISA are 1.2% (without Ongoing Advice Service or 1.7% with the Ongoing Advice Service).

To proceed with your application

Please confirm that you have read the important information and the following key documents:

Get advice

If you’d prefer to take professional advice before opening your With Profits ISA, please book an appointment with a Wesleyan Financial Services Consultant. An initial advice fee will apply.

Find out more

Want to see more information before you apply? Click here to return to the With Profits ISA page.